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The Anand Indian Restaurant (Fully Licenced BYO) serves a  la carte dinner menu daily. Start off with an appetizer such as samosa, vegetable cutlets, onion bhaji or  seekh kebab or traditional Indian bread (rotti, aloo paratha, naan). Entrees include chicken tikka, barrah kebab (Lamb cutlets),Tandoori Platter, tandoori chicken, Lamb Rogan josh, lamb saag, beef vindaloo, butter chicken and chicken korma. Vegetarian dinners will find options such as palak paneer, paneer garlic, Bombay potatoes, malai kofta,aloo mutter, aloo gobhi and navratan korma. Biryanis (chicken, lamb and beef)  and Indian desserts such as gulab jamun and kulfi available. Restaurant also serves wine by the glass, beer, liquors, Indian tea. Anand also offers Indian  drinks such as mango lassi, sweet lassi and rose lassi.


Goat Curry Special
Goat on the bone cooked to perfection, the traditional way with ginger, garlic and blend of the chef's secret spices, flavoured with fresh coriander. A mouth watering and tantalising dish.
Chef Special-Lamb Boona
Diced lamb pan cooked with a special mixture of spices, ginger and garlic until tender with a tinge of coconut to give that special flavour with a difference!
 Family Pack Deal:
    2 x main course, 1 x 2 rice, 1 x 2 plain
    naan, 1 x 2 garlic naan, 1 x serve of   pappadum.
Royal Pack Deal:
  4 x main course (2 x veg, 2 x non veg), 1 x 4 rice, 1 x 4 plain  naan, 1 x 4 garlic naan, 1 x serve of   pappadum, 1 x mangochutney, 1 x raita.
Samosas- 2 pieces
  Triangular pastries filled with subtly spiced vegetables. ( peas, potato, seasoned cumin ).
Onion Bhaji-4 pieces
  Slice of onion coated with spicy batter and crisp stir-fried.
FROM THE TANDOOR - The famous clay oven
Tandoori chicken- 2 pieces
Chicken marinated in yoghurt and a special blend of spices roasted in a tandoori oven until tender.
Chicken Tikka- 4 Pieces
Boneless thigh filled marinated in yoghurt and spices, cooked in a tandoori oven.
Barrah Kabab-(Adrakhi Lamb Chops)  4 Pieces
Seasoned lamb cutlets marinated with yoghurt, garlic, ginger and grilled. Served on a bed of onions.
Seekh Kabab-4 Pieces
Spicy minced lamb with fresh coriander leaves, skewed and cooked in a tandoori oven.
Tandoori Platter (for 2)
A selection of Delegacies (2X Barrah Kabab, 2 X Seekh Kabab, 2 X Chicken Tikka). Prepared in tandoori oven.
                         VEGETARIAN DISHES
Vegetable Jalfrezi
Season Vegetable tossed and mild seasoned with cumin seeds, turmeric and cayenne pepper.
Aloo Gobhi
Diced Potato and Cauliflower cooked with onion, tomato, green chilly, ginger and garlic with a blend of spices.
Navratan Korma
Mixed vegetable sauteed in spices and rich creamy sauce.
Aloo Palak
Freshly Pured spinach cooked with diced potatoes and mildy spiced.
Aloo Mutter
Diced potato and green peas cooked with onion with a blend of spices.
Dal Makhani
  Lentils cooked with mild spices until tender and complimented with fresh herbs.
Palak Paneer
Freshly pured spinach coked with cottage cheese and mildly spiced.
Paneer Garlic

cottage cheese sauteed with fresh garlic, capsicum,
tomatoes, herbs, spices and garnished with chopped coriander.
Bombay Potatoes

Diced potatoes sauteed in herbs and spices and garnished
with chopped coriander.
Malai Kofta

Dumpling of cottage cheese and vegetables cooked in a rice sauce.

Butter Chicken (Chicken Mumtaz)
Succulent chicken thick fillets marinated in yoghurt and a blend of spices cooked in a tandoor and pan cooked with ice tomato gravy.
Mango Chicken

Thigh Fillets cooked in a Creamy Sauce with flavour mango.
Chicken Tikka Masala

Thigh Fillets sauteed with onions and capsicum

and a blend of spices.
Chicken Masala

Thigh fillets sauteed with tomato and onion gravy
with boiled egg.
Chicken Saagwala
Thigh fillets sauteed in fresh green spinach and spices.
Kadhai Chicken

Boneless fillets Thighs sauteed in the Kadhai with
medium curry sauce.
Jeera Chicken
Thigh fillets Sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and roasted cumin seeds.
Chicken Jalfrezi

Thigh fillets Sauteed with tomatoes, capsicum, onion and ginger in a spicy way.
Chicken Vindaloo (Hot)
Thigh fillets Sauteed in a blend of hot spices and mustard with a tangly flavour goan style.
Chicken Madras (Hot)
Thigh Fillets cooked in rice gravy with a generous blend of hot spices and coconut cream.
Chicken Korma
Thigh fillets cooked in a very delegate curry with almonds
Lamb Masala
Diced Lamb sauteed with onion, egg, capsicum and tomatoes.
Lamb Hyderabadi Gosht
Tender diced lamb cooked in tomato, onion and mint.
Lamb Saagwala
Pured spinach and diced lamb cooked together with fresh spices and cream.
Lamb Rogan Josh 
Mild curried Lamb garnished with coriander leaves a traditional dish from the time of moghuls.
Lamb Madras (Hot)
Diced lamb cooked in rice gravy with a generous blend of hot spices.
Lamb Vindaloo (Hot)
Marinated in hot spices and garnished with fresh coriander a popular goan dish.
Lamb Korma
  A mild lamb Curry prepared with almonds
Beef Korma

Beef curry cooked in a very delegate curry with almond.
Beef Shahjani
Tender diced beef cooked with cashew nuts, and tomato gravy with cherry pieces.
Beef Dopyaza

Succulent Beef cooked in onion and tomato gravy.
Beef Apricot

Beef marinated in selected spices, cooked with apricots.
Beef Masala

Diced beef sauteed with diced onion, egg, capsicum and tomatoes.
Beef Bombay

A dish cooked with potatoes and fresh herbs in a traditional Bombay style.
Beef Neelgiri

Diced beef cooked with fresh coriander, cashew nuts and pured spinach.
Beef Vindaloo (Hot)

Spicy beef cooked in a hot sauce with fresh coriander.
Fish Tikka Masala

Marinated fish fillets sauteed and cooked with onions and tomatoes.
Fish Madras

Fish fillets simmered with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds and lemon juice.
Fish Goa Curry
Fish pieces marinated in lemon, garlic and ginger, cooked in tamarind sauce with tomato and onions.
Prawn Malabar 

Prawn cooked in creamy coconut milk sauce with curry leaves, tomatoes and capsicum.
Prawn Lazeez

Prawns cooked in rich tomato sauce and honey.
Prawn Dopatya

Prawn cooked with chopped spring onion, chilly and tomato with a blend of spices.
Chilly Prawn

Stir fried prawn cooked with capsicum tomato onion and green chilly with sweet and sour taste.
Basmati Rice

Streamed Rice Flavoured with Cumin Seed.
Kashmiri Rice

Basmati rice flavoured with dry fruit and almond
Plain Naan

Home maid baked plain bread in a tandoori oven. 
Garlic Naan

Home made baked bread with garlic in a tandoori oven.
Kashmiri Kulcha

Naan filled with sultanas and nuts springled with sweet spices.
Bombay Kulcha
Naan filled with dry spiced potatoes.
Flaky buttered whole meal bread.
Paneer Kulcha

Naan filled with white cheese, spices and coriander leaves.
Keema Naan

Naan filled with spicy minced topside meat.

Crunchy crackers made from lentils and rice flour.
Yoghurt mixed with cucumber, cumin seed and chat masala.
Tomato and Onion
Freshly diced tomato and onions garnished with herbs and sprinkled with chat masala.
Mango Chutney
A traditional sweet dish from the time of the maharajas.
Mixed Pickles

A selection of mixed vegetables pickles and spices (very spicy).
BIRYANI ($13.90)
Biryani (Chicken, Lamb & Beef)                                 
Basmati rice cooked with your Choice of meat in a chefs special preparation
Gulab Jamun

Cottage cheese dumpling fried to golden brown and served in a sweet syrup.
Mango Kulfi

Mango flavoured Indian Ice-cream with pista chois.
Ice Cream

Assorted ice cream including chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry